Still worried about the stitches

"Underestimating me is a gross overestimation of yourself."

Niels Arnold, my brother



March 21st - Another Disgusting Joke

I did a really, piss-poor job coloring this page, but the explosion was making me frustrated. It looks like a cauliflower to me...

Bo thinks it look like liquid mercury; makes you wonder what Benny's intestines look like. He also noticed, that even though the gasses would eventually escape, the food itself would still remain in his stomach. His question to me was then: How does he get rid of the rotten food?

Now, I got a very unpleasant picture in my head; and I don't want to be alone with it, so there: You figure it out!

In other news, Top 100 Comics seem to be down so I can't tell you to vote. I can, however, ask you to go to the forums, register as a member and vote there. There's the age-poll where you can help me figure out the age of my readers, and the Izzy-poll where you can have your say on the infamous buick-question: How did it really happen?

(Edit: The forums have been taken down)

March 22nd - All hail BuzzComics

Since Top 100 Comics is down, I added Human Remains to Buzzcomics, instead. And there's an all-new, never-before seen picture for you to enjoy, if you vote right now!

























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