Sort of afraid of when the stitches have to come out

"Underestimating me is a gross overestimation of yourself."

Niels Arnold, my brother



March 15th - Scariest Elevator EVER

Judging by the look on Mimi's face, it propably IS alive.

They're still in the mall, by the way, and not in some expressionistic kindergarden. I think I did a pretty good job at making it look crowded without taking away focus from the people in the elevator. As for the design of the elevator, I drew by memory and didn't think about counterweights and balance and other such unimportant stuff. Good thing, Mimi and the gang aren't afraid of heights.

As mentioned on the vote page, the three security men in the bottom are my little rendition of the Three Stooges. I've never actually seen any movies with them, only a cartoon, but I wanted to have some sort of cameo and they were the most commonly known celebreties I could come up with. At least for Americans.

I noticed only one person have been over at the forum to vote on the next storyline. It doesn't surprise, since I can't get the forum to allow people to vote without being a member, but come on people: Being a member isn't that bad! And it's easier for me to answer any questions over there.

March 16th - New Vote Incentive

I've posted a small preview of next weeks page, so go vote!
























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