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February 7th - Wow... Just, Wow

If the World is a school yard, then USA is the big, jock-type bully who can kick your ass without blinking; extreme muslims are the group of smaller kids who's figured out how to gang up on people; and Danes are the class clown, who will do anything to entertain but forgets when to keep quiet during classes.

I think the whole situation is ridiculous. As a Dane, I take great pride in not taking myself too serious; so at first I found it very difficult to understand the Muslim people, when they started protesting against the infamous Muhammed cartoons. I mean, Denmark legalized hardcore porn in 1969 as the first country in the world; a very controversial, Danish artist even made a porn movie about the life of Jesus Christ. He was unpopular for a while, but no people were killed and no churches were burned.

We're just a very laid back nation.

That's why I found it extremely uptight when Muslims started burning Scandinavian embasseys and threatening Danes in Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. I felt, that they ought to take a step back and notice, that the Danish press was only excersizing their freedom of speech in a democratic country.

But now, after researching a bit further into the matter, I have to admit, that maybe the press should have been more self-conscious about publishing the cartoons. Just for the sake of showing respect.

That being said, I also feel that now that the Danish press has apologized, that the Danish Prime Minister has apologized, those, who felt offended, should take a deep breath, accept the apology and get on with it. I mean, come on: Even imams of said countries admit, that every one of the attacks smell a bit too much of a small group of people just waiting for an excuse to cause mayhem in the name of Muhammed.

So, after that rare expression of political conscience (which I normally hate but had to react to, especially after my own, little attack on my freedom of expression), we move on to the comic:

It's a one-panel comic, but I think it was funny as hell. Also, it marks the beginning of a series of mall-related comics.

More later on, when I can come up with anything.

Also, new incentive to vote.


























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