"I swear I hate German.
You take some 3-letter word in English, and in German it's "Schtuffwaftefloswhosit"

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January 26th - Pride & Prejudice

I hate stereotypes. But I loathe people, who take themself too serious even more. And that's what this comic is about.

Having said that, I'm not claiming that Mimi (and thus, me) is one inch better. Everyone have prejudices; there isn't one person alive who can claim, that he doesn't judge a certain group of people in an offensive way no matter how unconscious it may be. It's human nature. What makes that person better, is the ability to admit his prejudice and make an impression of the individual instead of the group.

That's my opinion, anyway. If you disaggree, or think I went too far in comic, feel free to join the forum or write me an e-mail.

Onto the comic: The vampires can indeed walk around in broad daylight: They're weaker, but it's possible. Benny doesn't like the sunlight, but that's for other reasons. As to why he's wearing a Griffindor scarf: I figured it would be easier to dismiss him covering so much of his face, if people thought he was a rabid Harry Potter-fan.

Also, more background. A certain someone complained about the lack of same in the last comic. There!

And I made the forum button more visible, since a certain other someone couldn't figure out using the scrolling down...

New incentive to vote has also been added.

February 1st - Getting royally pissed

If you haven't read the reason for my lack of update, I suggest you go there now.

I have made a poll in the forum (Edit: The forums have been taken down) about the age of my readers. If you like the comic, even if you're just passing through, please go there and vote. It would be a tremendous help and a great service to the future of Human Remains.

I'm not stopping it, don't worry. I just need to know if I have to make some changes. I'm really more inclined to make it raunchier than censored, but if the only people reading this, other than my friends and a certain Texan, are pre-pubescent wankers, I have to make some changes.

In other news; I've finally updated the about-section, so go take a look. If you have any other questions than the ones already answered, feel free to write.




























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