September 29th - Michaelmas

Felt like experimenting and came up with this. Sadly, the scanner screwed up the pencil-drawings but this is still pretty okay.

Michaelmas is a holiday celebrated mostly in the UK, where it is a feast in honor of the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael. Some books claim Lucifer to be an archangel as well, while other make him a cherub. Since he according to all the books were God's favourite, he would have had to be a serafim though, and so have a higher rank than all the other angels.

Anyway, I just thought this was a sweet little look into Lou's opinions about certain things. There's a page two, so just press the next-button.

Oh, and finally: I have now finished my second term in school. I now have three weeks of long overdue vacation starting this saturday! Praise the Lord!

This was all done in pencil. No ink, no computercolor, just a bit of darkening to make it look better. Imagine what my hands looked like afterwards!






















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