September 27th - The Joys of Daycare

Perceptive readers will notice, that the religions mentioned in the comic are all based around the worship of God. There's a very logical reason for that: I haven't figured christianity out just yet. I grew up in a protestant community, but religion was never a big issue. As an adult, I've studied all the major religions; not to actually be part of one, but to try to understand what the big friggin' deal is. And you know why: I'm none the wiser. I believe in karma, but that's really not that different from what Christ said about treating others as you'd want to be treated.

The reason why I concentrate so much about the bible in Human Remains is, that it's a really funny book. Funny-strange and funny-haha. And for a chick like me, who like's to read about sex and violence, this book is great for entertainment.

Don't get me wrong: Religion is fine, but the minute anyone, and I do mean anyone, starts taking themself too serious and can't joke about themself, they lose my respect. And this goes for both catholics, buddhists and jedis as well. Now start writing those angry letters: Momma needs me some new sleeping pills...

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