January 24th - Welcome back!

A full overhaul of the site and we're all set for 2005. I've had time to re-do the site completely and make a minor backlog, so from this day on I will update every monday until further notice. My final exams are coming up this March, but if I have no comic to upload, there will at the least be a drawing.

Bottom line: I will upload something every monday!

As for why I haven't uploaded since September, the reason is once again my school. I started my second term around that time, which will forever go down into history as 'The Time Ripper got Screwed!'. I'll save the details for a later rant, but for now, just imagine how you would feel if the people who were supposed to give you the education you would like to benefit from for the rest of your life, either forgot you during your classes or simply ignored you. That's what happened.

Those merry incidents resulted in a hissy fit/minor breakdown that led me to realize, I needed to stop trusting authorities blindly. On a happier note, I used that anger to make some pretty good pages for the comic, so expect some changes with Mimi as well.

So until next update, explore the site. Everything's been chaged so there should be something new for everybody, even those who read the comic before.

The archives have been changed so there is no filler-art, but this has been moved to the now fully operational art-section.


















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