July 4th - The Cop-Out

It finally happened: I got fed up. I'm tired of dragging on and attempting to make some sort of background and reasoning as to why fate, God or Lou himself has led Mimi to where she is now. She has moved into the Milton Building: End of story.

The above comic is 9 (nine!) pages of script, boiled into one cute, little page. What they would have explained, had I chosen to draw them is:

1: Mimi wears second hand-clothes (mainly because it's cheaper and she's not a slave to fashion).

2: Mimi thinks Bastian has a cute butt. Among other things. (In the comic, I would've drawn her taking a cold shower after mentally commenting on his rear end.)

3: The Milton Building is basically the vampire's...coven, in lack of a better word. Now Mimi knows this, and she will of course take this into consideration, when she invites any family or friends over.

4: As mentioned in a previous news-box, M is based on Caine (the guy with the green stripes in his hair). Anything M does, Caine has propably done before. I'm just saying this, so when I'm being dragged into court for corrupting the Internet-population, I can plead innocence 'cause I'm just drawing it as I see it :)



















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