April 22nd - Cameos Galore

1: Now, this strip features a cameo of one of my friends. You'll see him on the next page, just push the Next-button.

2: The strip also features some other more or less familiar faces, but these have nothing to do with the storyline or this world in particular. My neighbour and I were fooling around a bit, and this is the result.

3: The bus may seem extremely yellow, but for once it isn't my poor sense of coloring that's to blame. It was inspired by the actual busses in my city; and they're just very yellow.

4: Except for Mimi, the rest of the characters on this page are copyright to Clive Barker, Scott Adams (I think; the Dilbert-guy anyway), Marvel and that Rowlings-lady.

5: Oh, yeah. While I was away from making new comics, I won a third place in the national championships for apprentices in my field of work. And what may that be? Well, I go to school to learn how to make all the food you would put on a buffet. Pretty much .

6: I'm not going to apologize for being absent; I have a life, I'm to lazy, I should've drawn some more and I shouldn't start a sentence with a promise, I'm just going to break at the end of it.

When I first started this comic, I asked one of my friends if he wanted to be in it. He said yes, but only if he could be drag-queen. So here he is.

Some of my other friends will appear later on, but only, as it is with Lotta Spunk here, if I can fit them into the storyline with characters, that would make sense.

Finally, I would like to make a promise:

I will never, ever, ever draw that much flesh except if it's on a completely fictional character. While I drew this, I kept getting images in my head of my friend naked, and he is not that buff! Actually, I've never seen him naked but as you can imagine, my fantasy is pretty well-developed; and I don't want to imagine you naked, Tristan!

Now, if Ya'll excuse me, I'm going to wash my eyes and my filthy mind in bleach.


























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