August 21st - Angst...!

Well, a new comic is finally here. I honestly didn't know what to draw in that first panel, so I just made this half-assed sketch and wrote something over it. Ingenious, huh?

Our story continues from where we left the last time with Mimi being caught totally off-guard by a highly pissed-off Lou. Don't worry, why he's so peeved will be explained later on. For now, let's just say, that's he's trying to protect his...well, investment.

More will be written when I feel like it. For now, I will sit back, maybe enjoy a cold beer and wonder, why it takes me over a month to kick myself into gear and start making a comic, but only a day to actually draw and color it...

Oh, and the livejournal I spoke about yesterday can now be accessed from the misc. -section. I've taken my tests down, as well as my art . I ran out of space, s'all. You can still see my art at other sites, just follow the links on the art -page.

August 30th -And there was much rejoice...yay.

A new list of crap, you may or may not need to know about me at this point in time:

1: I found out, that I have three (3!) weeks vacation on top of the two weeks paid leave, I have now because of overtime. I have to take this vacation, 'cause it's in the Union agreement. Or something like that. Cool.

2: As mentioned before, I've had two weeks vacation already, and I'm friggin' bored!. So I asked if I could work two weeks at school, thereby postponing my three weeks until mid-September. By doing that, I will be having my vacation right before I start on the 1st, period, or something like that. Educational stuff, ya'll.

3: Last night, I found myself suffering from a bit of insomnia, and I have now before me 4.5 sketched pages, that only needs inking and coloring...Guess this is what it feels like to be ahead of time for once. And I feel like I have more in me for tomorrow. Mind you, I have plenty of script; I just need to get it down on paper.

September 5th -Ugh

I had to do a full reinstall of my computer, because my roomate had some new hardware for me. He decided, that I should definately get Windows XP, which I think was made by secret MAC-agents in order to convert us Windows-users to the Dark Side. I mean, Windows XP looks like something out of a Power Puff Girls-cartoon, for crying out loud!

His laptop is a MAC, so that would make sense.

So just hang in there, 'aight?

October 10th -I'm ba'ack!

Explenation as to why I haven't been uploading for awhile will follow soon; hopefully this saturday, early sunday. Until then, please enjoy a picture of Isabella posing in her Beetlejuice-suit.

Also, I will finally post those comics, that I promised you.




































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