August 12th - Bleah

I haven't been able to update for a while because:

1. It's been a massacre at work. At an average, we've been selling for about 10,000 USD a day. It's been fun, but exhausting.

2. I've bought a moped, so I can get to and from work without having to depend on busses or getting a ride. It's cheaper, but not faster; and sitting on a vibrator with wheels for an hour and half isn't very pleasant in the long run.

But I'm supposed to get two weeks off (according to my calculations), because of all my over-time, and then I'll make up for it. Remember the time I had a week off from school? I posted four (4!) pages!

August 20th - Still not much

As the title says. I'm working on the damn comic, okay!?

For now, I've just made another section , a kinda Live-journal, where I can post any random thoughts. It may replace my rants-section, as I'm well aware of the fact, that I, well, rant alot...but I doubt it.

There's nothing there now...I'm not in the mood for it.


















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