October 11th - Yo!

First thing: The comic.

We'll continue a bit longer with the angst and maybe some answers as to why Mimi is the way, she is.

Dominance is a vampiric discipline, according to V:TM, which is supposed to make the vampire able to control other people or animals. I tweaked it a bit, because you're actually supposed to say out loud, what you want people to do, and apparantly sharing your feelings isn't one of them.

And now the reason as to why, I haven't been around: As written below, my computer died on me, and since I really only know jack about fixing computers, I had my roommate take care of it. But he had a lot of stuff to take care of first at his work, so I was put in the back of the line.

But why didn't you just upload from another computer, you ask? Well, I don't do anything but surf on other people's computers; I'm just not comfortable with it, since I consider a computer a powerful tool, but also someone's brainchild, if you can follow me on that one. I feel like I'm messing with something very private, and I just don't do that. Period.

Now, I know I promised ya'll four comics, and they will be uploaded this weekend. First enjoy this one, and the next will come, when I finish coloring it, which shouldn't take more that an hour or so. Have fun.


















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