February 11th, 2003 - Late, But Good News

Okay, here's the deal: Because my workplace, the local technical college, teaches both graduates and basic students, it will from time to time be quite empty, because the graduates are studying for their exams, and the basic students have their vacation. The few of us, who have an apprenticeship at the school, have nothing to do during these times. My group usually makes food for the other students, and since next week is our Winter Holiday, we have absolutely noone to make food for. Simple. So in order to have something to do, we have been assigned to write a report on fish. I'm going to write about heering. (is that spelled correct?) You may all laugh now.

Now, the good news is, that since my boss's boss think, it's a waste of time for us to go to school and study, we have been given the week off. Salutations! I'm getting paid to take next week off and do nothing. Mind you, writing a max. 20 page report on heering isn't that big of a deal. So I should be able to get a lot of comics done. I hope. We'll see.

Tomorrow, I will be at work from 7.00 AM to about 9.00PM. Yay for me. We get paid overtime (I think), but it's still going to be tough. Wish me luck.

January 26th, 2003 - Damn Alien-costume...!

You know, my finger really hurts after drawing that alien-costume...

Anyway, the story continues with M and Isabella planning a sleep-over with an already sleeping Mimi. And on top of that, we have the Nosferatu Benny joining in. If You want to know more about these characters, go read the friggin' cast -section. It should answer Your questions. Benny is from Colorado, so I figured he ought to have a funny accent. Feel free to write, if You know more about how they talk in Colorado.

That is all. Now go do something with Your loved ones. They deserve it.
























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