January 15th, 2002 - I'm back...again!

Okay, first of all, a MAJOR apology to all the people, who may or may not have come here looking for a new strip for nearly a month; all in vain. Here's why:

As You may know, if You've read the Rants -section, I have been without a steady income for some time. Late November, I finally found a part-time job cleaning offices. But at that time, my bank had lost patience and wanted to know, where the money for my rent would come from. Now, I'm a pretty gentle person. I hate confrontations and try to avoid them as much, as I can. I wrote the bank a letter, stating my situation, but even though things should be okay, I still started to feel down about it. Enough about that. Here are another couple of reasons, why I haven't updated for a while:

1. I had to clean offices at my job. This meant having to do that before, people got to work in the morning. So I had to get up at 4:00 A.M. I'm a B-person. I need my sleep. Alot of it.

2. Because I felt down about owing my bank money and not having the money to properly search for an apprenticeship (I'm studying to become a cater), I didn't have the strength or will to make any comics. I drew a bit, but nothing special.

That should cover it. I have started an apprenticeship at my school now, something they offer You, if You can't find one yourself. This means, that I have a steady income now (albeit a small one), I have an aggreement with my bank to pay back the money, I owe them and everything's peachy again. Come to think about it, I actually "only" owe them the equivalent of $2.832,98, which isn't that much, considering the Danish government count on students to owe more than ten times as much by the end of their education...

Anyways, this means that I will start updating at my usual sporadic, though fairly consistent pace again. Feel free to write me, if You have any questions.

And now: The comic

It's not that funny and may not make a whole lot of sense, but the next couple of strips will explain. For now, all You need to know is, that M and Isabella are a couple of lazy sods. And Benny was the guy in the Alien-costume.
























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