February 18th, 2003

I was sitting at my desk (my coffee table, actually), trying to figure out what Mimi would do next and later that day I suddenly found myself sitting with four pages of script. This should amount to about five pages of comics, two of which I've put up now. The remaining three will be drawn during the next couple of days and should be posted thursday or friday. So I wasn't completely lying, when I said I'd have a lot of comics for you this week! And I'm not even done writing, yet!

I don't know if it shows, but I actually managed to ink the comics this time instead of just scanning the drawing and making it darker on the computer. I also tried to shade it, so it would look more like night than in the previous comics. I'm not sure how great it turned out, but at least it makes it easier to see that Benny's and Isabella's eyes glow in the dark.

A friend of mine was reading the previous strip and his first reaction was: "Damn, that Benny-guy is one ugly fella!" Well, he is a nosferatu, after all, but I've tried to let it show here, that he's really just a nice albeit ugly vampire. Btw, I asked my roomie if vampires, according to WoD, could get a nose-bleed. He said it really depended on how hard the vampire in question was hit, but usually it would just be a waste of blood.

Just out of curiousity, does any of you people out there have an opinion on the matter, because the books and movies I've read and seen, all have a different view on whether vampires bleed except when staked through the heart.


















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