M has become one of my favourite characters. He started out as being a pushy exhibitionist, with nothingg on his mind but sex and more sex. As the story has progressed, he's evolved into something quite different from what I inteded, but it's nice to see when Your characters take on a life of their own.

My long hiatus made me wonder about M's past: He knows who his father is, but how does it affect his daily life? How did he find out? Can he do the same things as Lou? And many more questions.

In the picture, I wanted to show a much younger M, perhaps right after discovering why his ears are different.

The character in the middle is M, experiencing the shock of his first change. This one in particular gave me some trouble, because I had to consider the fact, that M is only half demon. Would he look exactly like his father or only slightly less human? After some discuccions with my boyfriend, we decided, that his horns would be smaller, but always present: Why do you think M always has bangs?

The last one was more something I wanted Lou to be able to do, but M has the same ability. You see, Lou changes into the half demon for the sake of drama, i.e. to underline whatever point he has. It's a lot easier than doing a complete change and he doens't have to worry about drawing attention to himself, as long as he does it in hiding. (And he really hasn't done it to anyone but Mim for a long time, the poor woman.)

And I know, that it makes them look somewhat like Digimons. It crossed my mind several times, but please allow me to play around with this :)

Now, the next question would be: Why hasn't M used these powers yet? I mean, why didn't he change into the half demon when Mimi indirectly threatened to cut him into '30 pieces in 20 minutes'? Because he's also human. And who can tell if he hasn't used these powers in the past? My theory is, that he has indeed explored what his father's legacy is, but simply given up on it. One can only go around doing exactly what one pleases for so long, and he just grew out of it. And maybe his father had something to do with it, as well. notice how, the few times we've seen the two interact, M treats Lou with respect and humility.

Let's for the sake of simplicity pretend that Lou can read minds.* For endless times, he's gone about his business, tempting people and acting like he's supposed to. Along comes Mimi, a human who's mind he can't read and who he can't threaten into submission. His only choice is to treat her like he was a human himself, and that screws up his perception completely. Enter M, whos always been used to treat people in a certain way, too. He can't control Mimi in the usual way either, and that makes him confused, as well. Now, they both deal with it in different matters, neither which has shown any positive results yet. And stuck in the middle is Mimi, who really hasn't come to terms with all the demonic, vampiric, supernatural chaos she's stumbled into, despite how she acts towards any of them.

And what about M's brother? Now, my boyfriend once noticed that M looks like Lou in his demonic shape, and his brother looks like Lou as an angel.

I'll leave you with that.


* A more detailed description of what exactly it is he does, can be found here.


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