April 11th - Slow progress, but we'll get there

Right. I've done the 'R. K. Millholland'-trick and uploaded all the missing comics in reverse, so to speak. So if you've just returned after two weeks of finding no new comics, just click here, and you'll start from where we left off.

I also promised a new picture for the gallery, and it's right here, in which I send the gang to see the newest 'comic adapted for movie' Constantine.

And finally, there's a picture, or actually a quick sketch, whenever you vote.

As for the long delay, here's what happened: I've been hired at the same reaturant I've been at for the past two summers. For that, I needed a new moped, so I asked my stepdad if he could find an inexpensive, used moped for me. His oldest son had just finished repairing one, so I got that one. About 40 miles later, I find myself not able to move the damn thing one inch. Needless to say, I was royally pissed off.

After a lot of repairs, I finally found out that the oilpump had never worked properly, so the piston in the engine looked like a rough file from the inside. My stepfather's son believed I had droven the moped improperly, so everything was my own fault. I knew I hadn't.

On top of that, I had found out the hard way, that you shouldn't mix friendship with money (I had let my friends use my credit-card, which was a really stupid idea). No one was hurt, but because I had no control of how much money was spent, I found myself without money at the start of the month. One temper tantrum later, issues were resolved and I realized how much of a vacation I needed.

So I packed my bags and left to visit a friend, whom I've been getting closer to over time. Long story short, I now have a well, boyfriend. It sounds so pre-school. 'Lover'? Nah, we do more than that. How about, 'very good friend with extra special priviligies'?

Anyways, the comic is back on track, I have someone special in my life (finally!), I have a steady job from May 1st (if only for the summer) and all is fairly well in the state of Denmark.

April 11th - Update in the Gallery

Just uploaded a little extra picture in the gallery


























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