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"I'm in a world of crap! "

Bo, my boyfriend. I aggree.




October 9th - Yeah, I like Sin City. Why?

So I've had my heart surgery done. It was completely painless except for the overwhelming pain in my thigh from where they inserted the instrumets. Made me walk like Ozzy Osborne for a while.

Before the operation, I had been told that I would have to take it easy for a week or so. After the operation, they said 7-14 days. So I called my boss, telling him I wouldn't be at work for another week. He want ballistic.

I hate my job so much.

The comic: This one answers the buick-question asked a long time ago. Also, I had the opportunity to work on my lineart which, as that part of the comic takes place during night time, ended up being a tribute to Frank Miller.

If you're interested in cars, the Buick Izzy's driving in the flashback is a '55 Buick Pick-up, and the one in the final frame is what I think is a modified Buick Roadmaster. I don't know, I'm not good with drawing cars and this was a first for me.

I'm slowly trying to get back on schedule with the comic. I realized a while back, that I can't get people to link to me as long as I insist on drawing nude people. Maybe I'll have to actually pay for ads on other people web-sites, but until then I hope the few of you who read Human Remains are willing to spred the word.

Until next time, have fun.





















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