November 3rd

Even though there's an alarm clock going off, yawning and the bobling of a coffee machine, I decided to make this page completely without any sounds. It's a nice, little change in pace from the usual comedy and violence.And, after much complaining by my Bo, there's more background than usual: Mimi's kitchen.The sketches I promised are here and here.The first one is the third in a series of wallpapers, I was planning on making in collaboration with Glen. The second is the first drawing I made of Mimi, after she cuts her hair off. Or it's a self-portrait from when I did the same thing. I actually have the same outfit and bat.

November 4th - Important Announcement!

I've decided to let christmas come early this year.The gallery has been expanded with almost every sketch I could find. Also, the random part of the gallery has ben modified to make room for any future drawings, that may come along. So: Take a peek around and remember it, if I end up not uploading next monday because I'm visiting the boy-toy. </suck-up>

November 14th - New update, no comic

I failed to finish a new comic, but have updated two new sketches from the past for your enjoyment. So go see.

November 15th - Update on Livejournal

I consider Livejournal a confessional. And that's what I did. But be warned.

I've confessed it all.























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