February 21st - Oooh, fire....

So I was bored and wanted to play around with some effects. Tried shading and making fire behind Lou, even though there wasn't supposed to be any. I'm not sure if it's obvious enough, but he's supposed to look really pissed off. ;)

Oh, and if you're wondering what Lou's referring to in frame #4, it's all here. And if the same applies to what Mimi's saying, then go read a bible. And if you still don't get it, I'll spell it out for you: Lucifer was the most favoured of God's angels, until one day he was cast out for refusing to serve man. If I'd been kicked out of my own home, because daddy got a midlife-crisis, I'd be touchy about the subject, too.

In other news, I'm in the middle of my final exams. At the moment, I'm writing my (hopefully) last report ever; next week, I'll be competing for my school at the national championships for cold chefs (that's the closest thing to a decent discription, I can find); and coming the week after that, I'll be having my practical exams and then graduate. That's little over three years, I've spent on that...I feel old.

February 21st - Update

Hunter S. Thompson is dead.

Now, I only know about him from watching 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and reading Doonesbury, in which his comical alter ego Uncle Duke wreaks havoc, but I still feel I have to say something. The man revolutionized journalism with his gonzo-technicue, where every attempt to be objective was abandonded. I may not be his biggest fan, I know I'm not, but I feel the world of history-writing has lost one of it's greatest pioneers...

Rest in peace, Uncle Duke. And beware of the bats.




















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