August 25th - Yeah, that's me, allright

So I was surfing the Internet, when I happened to acces a site called Earth Calendar . It basically shows all the holidays and celebrations from across the world; and today just happens to be Women's Equality Day!

Now, being the closeted feminist that I am, I decided to make a little comic about it, showing the kind of equality that I have been exposed to, so M's basically acting as my spokesperson here. I haven't been harassed because I'm a woman per say, but I feel that even though I may be as qualified as a guy, I have to work a bit harder: Not to prove I'm as good as the males, but because it's just expected of me...Doesn't make much sense, but hey: That's just my opinion.

Anyway, this is a first for me: I've actually posted a comic, that's up to date.

Could be the first sign of the Apocalypse.





















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