December 15th - I know, the TV disappeared...Bite me!

Yeah, Mimi is a whiney, little dumbass sometimes, isn't she? I had a lot, I wanted to write here, but it all disappeared from the vortex that is my mind...dammit!

Anyway, the character-page has been taken down until I draw some new pictures for it. I'm also in the process of making an all-Human Remains gallery with pictures from the past and present of the cast. After all, my christmas holiday is a full five days longer, than I expected.

December 17th - Ha...ha...ha

No new comic up just yet; just wanted to let ya'll know, that I spent the night between tuesday and wednesday experiencing the goodness that is, wait for it....All Three Lord of the Rings movies!!

An 11-hour marathon; boy, is my butt numb! But now I've seen the third movie. On the night of the premiere, no less.























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