November 16th - Return of that damn, green couch

Finally back again!

A very good friend of mine was kind enough to lend me a scanner untill payday, so Ya'll can get Your comic-fix. How sweet is that?

And the temprary hiatus is also over. I'm still struggling with homework and stuff like that, but I should be able to kick out a comic or two once in a while.

About the comic: I really, really, really hate drawing that couch! As You can see, it changes size all the friggin' time and I can't ever get it right! But on the other hand, I like how Mimi turned out in the 7. and 8. frame. In the 7. frame she actually sits like I do, when I'm confortably lounging in my couch: Butt all the way to the edge of the seat, hands on belly and legs spred aside; I'm not overweight or anything, but when I sit like that, I can balance a plate on my stommach. Heh. The 8. frame is also worth mentioning, sinze I managed to give Mimi that "just what one goddamned minute, buster"-look.

Ehm, that's about it, I guess. My temporary address is still. milton-building<at>

November 28th - Early morning' shocker!

So I wake up, turn off the alarm clock, turn on the light and the tv, as I do every morning. And as X-Men-Evolution rolls across the screen, who do I see? A pretty version of Benny! This mutant had almost the same hair, he was skinny, tall and had no eyebrows.What the hell?! I've never seen that particular mutant before, but he was pretty much Benny's spitting image. Now, I'm well aware of the fact, that some of my characters look like other people characters; M, I discovered some time ago, has a remarkable resemblance with a certain succubus in the comic Life of Riley. I came up with him before reading that comic, but I gues the black hair and red bangs-look is common on the internet.

Anyway, seeing that mutant made me kinda think: Even though I came up with my characters a long time ago, maybe I'm not as original as I'd like to think. As a result of this, I've tried coming up with some design changes, that will occur over the next couple of months: A change of M's hair, for instance.

That's all for now. School calls to me like a starved vampire from a dark alley. God, I'm glad I only have to be there 'til noon, today.

November 27th - I want those boots!

So between reports of various sorts, exams and just plain ol' laziness, I decided to upload some eye-candy, as Glen so lovingly expressed it. This one was made at the same time as the M-picture, but I saved it for situations like these: I won't have time to do a comic this week-end as I will be thoroughly indulging my addiction to Danish beer this friday and helping a friend move saturday. Sunday will be spent either on watching Jason vs. Freddy with my step-brother or just lounging on the couch.

As for Your suggestion to make a halloween-picture, Glen: I am in the process of making a picture like the one above with Lou, but I don't think I will make any holiday-pictures. The Reason? Well, I don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, as I am not an American. Besides, here in Denmark, we have much more morbid and fun holidays than celebrating the get-together of spirits or chasing an entire race out of their own country (sorry, no more political opinions!).

We have something called Eve of Morten. Morten was a munk, who was on the run from the inquisition, when he decided to hide himself in the middle of a huge flock of geese near a farm. But when his pursuers rode by, the geese started making so much noise, Morten was soon discovered. And from that day forth, on that particular day, all we Danes eat geese to punish those foolish birds. Or that's how I was told the story.

Kinda fun, when you think about it (she said with glee).

Yes, I have a wicked mind sometimes. You wouldn't be reading my comic, if you didn't like it. Nyah!

As for what I've been doing for the past many weeks: I've moved to the biggest city in the county, which still isn't that big. Remember, Denmark is a country populated by only 5,2 million people.

And I've become addicted to a new comic. When I was younger, it was X-Men. Then it was Clive Barker's Nightbreed. And now, it's Poison Elves. I only have the first paperback collection, but tomorrow is payday, soo...

Anyway, until a new comic arrives: Have fun and remember to check out the new Hellboy-trailer.

It's un-frickin'-believable!

Ron Perlman has been one of my favourites since I saw him in Beauty and the Beast as a child. He continued to astonish me in City of the Lost Children, and later on in Alien 4. So in this movie, he's sure to kick some mighty ass!

Oh, yeah: I've kinda changed Isabella's look in this picture. The candy-goth look has been replaced with a sexier, but still kinda dark look. Hope you like it, though she won't be wearing something like this until later on in the comic.





















































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