April 13th, 2003

I'm not totally satisfied with todays comic: When I started inking it, I had the shakes pretty badly because of too much coffee, and about halfway through, my favourite pen broke. So I had to finish it with a slightly bigger pen, wich isn't that big a tragedy, just immencely annoying.

Todays comic gives a more precise picture of how Mimi thinks and relates to the people around her. If she hurts someone (in this case Benny), she will go to great lenghts to make up to them again. A friend of mine pointed out, that mice really don't have anywhere near enough blood in them to make a meal for a WoD-vampire. I said, that it didn't matter. It's the thought that counts, and how many times do you think someone has given Benny a handful of mice, because they accidently broke his nose?

Anyway, I thought a little puppydog-love was cute.

Oh, and I got tired of Benny's funny accent. I'm not American myself, and I really don't know all those amusing expressions a person from Colorado may say. So there.

April 16th, 2003

I've fixed my links -page, so it should work properly now.

May 19th, 2003

As previously mentioned, I now have an apprenticeship of some sort.

For the past month, my daily schedule has been like this: Get up, shower, catch a bus, wait, catch another bus, walk the rest of the way, work, 20 minute break (if I'm lucky), work some more, clean up like cracy in order to catch the last bus (if I'm not lucky and get a ride), wait again, catch another bus, walk home, shower and crash...! I work 9 hours a day easily and that doesn't include the three-hour busride.

I have had days off, but face it, people: I'm just too friggin' tired! Normally at a restaurant, you have about 20 minutes between meals to get the new dish ready and allow people to properly digest. At my work, you have 5! Tops! So please understand, if I'm a bit stressed out and exhausted.

On a happier note, I do have friday through sunday off. I will be expecting company the entire weekend, but I should get some comic(s) done.

In the light of all of this, I may have to break my own promise and introduce a sort of "Dead Ripper-day" like Piro from Megatokyo. Sorry, Michael! I will try to get some drawings finished today, or at least post something to show I'm not completely wasted.

May 27th, 2003

One of the apprentice chefs got fired today. This means extra work.

The new chef is buying a car. This means, that I should be able to get home earlier, because I can catch a ride with him..

God, I'm still tired.

June 2th, 2003

Heh. These excuses get more stupid by the minute. BUT: My boss screwed up with my paycheck and I really need new pens. So untill he fixes it, I won't be able to get art posted (well, I could just upload the pencil-drawings, but I think I should maintain some kind of standard.) So please be patient.

On another note: On my many bustrips to and from work, my muse has been working in overdrive, so it isn't because I don't have anything to draw; I just don't have the time.

By the way, I recently realized that Human Remains have been online for more than six months now, but the storyline time has only lasted for less than a week. Imagine that.










































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