April 8th, 2003

Okay, so what has happened since last we met? Well....I have an apprenticeship now!! Sort of. My school has shipped me off to a restaurant as part of an agreement between the educational system and the government. Basically, they borrow me for a specified period of time and pay the school, which in return pay me my salary. Sounds a bit like slavery, I know, but that's how it works. And if they like what I do, they can always sign me up for a full apprenticeship. Only downside is, that I have to ride the bus for an hour and half each way to get there.

Anyway, enjoy the strip! If you feel somewhat offended by the nudity on M's behalf, I can tell you, that some of his behaviour is based on my ex, who will have a small guest-appearance later on. And Mimi is scooting backwards because of M's sudden removal of the sheets in that 6. (7.) panel; not because she wants to get away from Isabella. Mimi, as I do, has nothing against lesbians, but we do feel a sort of instinctive need to move away, if people shove their genitals in our faces.

Also, I wanted to try something different this time, so I drew the whole thing (pictures, boxes and word-bubbles) without a computer, just to see how it worked out. It requires a bit of of work on your behalf though, since I'm not sure if my writing is any readible.

Finally, in case you were wondering: My ex does not look like M. He has an average build and his hair is short and dark. Though I couldn't get him to pose for me, M's behind is somewhat based on what I could remember. Just a little, funny fact, that I'm well aware of will get me in trouble...



















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