As a child, I saw cartoons with the infamous Monkey King and immediately loved it. A few years later, the tv network even aired the Chinese live-action version of his adventures, but that sucked major ass.

Milo Manara (now mostly famous for erotic comics and drawings of nude women) even made a comic about him that, in my opinion, is the best rendition of him, ever.

And then the Hallmark Channel made "Journey to the West", which is where the Monkey King first appeared, into a movie. Mind you, it's friggin' Hallmark, so there wasn't any blood or naughty bits, which I would have liked to see, but it did feature Russel Wong as the Monkey King.

To make a long story short, I came up with my own little character that lives in the same universe as the Monkey King. He's from the Mountain of Flowers, but was cast out, because he was born without a tail. He can't do those 72 transformations or fly on his own, personal cloud like the Monkey King, but he has the ability to jump very fast and very far, using branches or simply the canopy for take-off.

Oh, and according to the Animal Planet, a 5-foot, female gorilla is 7 times stronger than a grown man, so I gave N'Ki supernatural strength.


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