My two youngest siblings always runs around in boxershorts, when they're home. So one day, while I'm visiting the parental unit, not to mention extremely hung-over, this weird idea popped into my head: A young man and woman, brother and sister no less, patrols the city at night, figthing whomever makes a wisecrack about their choice in uniform. Oh, and they defend the innocent, too.

It was kinda difficult to draw this one, 'cause my brother is 14 and my sister 10, so I had to tone some things down, so no nudie bits.Other than that, this is actually the first time I've drawn a woman to my satisfaction; I'm better at drawing buff men than women, but by making her muscular like this, it proved to be less difficult.

Oh, and yes: He's scratching his ass. Why? Well, there's a very special reason, I call my little brother Pumbaa...


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