Long before there was God, there were angels and they were all equal. Then one day one of them, out of love for his brothers, gave them the task of creating life. They, in their love for their brother, obeyed and made many wonders in the newborn universe.

Time passed. The one who had assumed leadership, now God, wanted to create something for himself. His brothers offered their help, but was scorned and instead ordered to protect these new creations with no regards to themself. One of them expressed his concern with this sudden urge to be different but was cast out, along with everyone who had dared to side with him.

War ensued. Brother fought against brother, and where there was once only love, hate and grief reigned. God, realizing that if such rebellion was to be prevented, removed the souls of the angels still in his midst and thus took away most of their power, their need to question him and most importantly: They no longer remebered, that they had all once been equals.

Time passed again. Life went on by itself; angels and demons walked the Earth and tried in their own way to ophold the politics of Heaven and Earth. But once in a while they would meet someone, who seemed to know more than she should; someone, who smiled when they spoke of the old days. Someone, who remembered...

Kyrell is one of those angels, who resided on the bank of Styx, if you've read Dante's Divine Comedy: Those, who stayed neutral in the great War of Heaven and was condembed to always stay outside. Only she should have, but left before the war started and hid herself in the chosmos to await the coming of man. The reason for this was, that she wanted to see, what made humans so special as to be the cause of such turmoil.


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