Diane Walker is a bit of a tragic character of mine. As with all of my characters, she's been given great powers but has no desire to keep them and generally just tries to get by in this world.

Placed in the WoD universe, she's been granted ultimate power by the Earth goddess Gaia. With these powers she's also given the task of chosing between all the different kinds of shapeshifters and make that one her own. Not wanting to put one above the other, she refuses to comply and goes into hiding at the age of 14, but is contacted by a khan, a weretiger, who's been assigned to protect her until she makes a choice.

Fast forward a few years and after being tricked into chosing the wolf as her totem, she sacrifices herself in order to save a litter of wolves from the bad guys of the Werewolf universe, the Black Spiral Dancers. They know they can never break her into submission, so in order to benefit from her powers, they decide to settle with the next best thing: Her child.

But since she has none, they want to make sure she gets one. And this is were the picture is from. Just seconds before the doors are closed and she turns to see the Black Spiral Dancers behind her.

After six days she finally escaped, leaving the entire building in ruins and a bunch of seriuosly fucked up memories richer.


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