So, I promised you something new, and here it is: Lobus, the librarian, keeper and provider of my brain.

Before I go on with the purpose of of this new character, I'd like to point out something: I drew this one with only one thing in mind: He or she should be likable to me. He or she should have a face, a build and a wardrobe, that I would like completely. And when I was finished (and had colored and provided it with a background), I realised that I hadn't given it a gender.

Look for yourself: Lobus has no Adam's apple, so it could be a woman; but it also has no noticable crotch, like I usually draw on my men. For all I know, Lobus could be a crossdressing hermaphrodite!

After some consideration, I realized that since I had drawn Lobus with beforementioned specifications in mind, he or she was simply a personification of the ambigouity that is my mind. For the sake of simplicity, we'll pretend Lobus is male. More on that another time, on with the show:

When I first started drawing Human Remains, I promised myself that I would never, ever break the infamous "4th wall", i. e. I would never let my characters realize they were only figments of my imagination. And I'm not going to, because now I have an avatar of some sorts to relay any information between you, the reader, and me, the artist.

Lobus is going to be me on the internet. Sort of. He isn't me, of course, but as a personification of my frontal lobe, he is everything written in the above picture, which makes him perfect for the job.

A simplified version of him will appear in this news-box, as seen on the left.

There. To further underline his presence on the site, the front page has been changed. So go take a look.


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