Darklings are a race of humanoids who hid underground, when the gods decided to use the physical realm to figth their wars. During these lengthy battles, the darklings eventually had to use what little magic they had and merge with a small rodent-like animal in order to survive. Many eons later. when the gods were gone, they climbed above ground, only to find that The World had been inhabited with many races, none of which seemed to remember the Wars.

The Darklings are the perpetual outcasts of The World. None of the other races concider them worth much and scuff at them because of their animal-like instincts and behaviour.

This one, Tarann, was on his way back to a darkling-settlement, when his path crossed with Djarkan's. I'll spare you of the details, but I'll reveal this much: Darklings get in heat twice a year. They call it Rem'Rak'shka, it lasts about two weeks and every darkling, who is out traveling, will return to his home or lock himself up: The Rem'Rak'shka is that strong. And darklings won't mix with other's because of the social stigma of their race.


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