Djarkan grew up in a time equivalent of our stoneage. One day she accidently walked in on giants playing in the forest where she lived, and because all creatures had some kind of magic in them in those days, she was cursed with immortality. And we're talking the kind of immortality, where she never grows old and comes back from the dead almost immeadiately.

Fast forward some many thousand years, Djarkan has learned to master most weapons and knows most spells. She's seen the hill, where she buried her children, get leveled and turned into a thriving metropolis. She's seen the bitter acorn she spit out in a lush grove turn into the giant oaktree, in which elves chose to build the glowing city of Illuminai. She's seen dragons being born and mountains crumble.

But despite her immense power and reputation, she's a bitter woman who shuns contact with other people. If you knew, you would outlive your lover and your children, you would avoid everybody else for fear of having to go through that kind of sorrow again, wouldn't you?


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