May 20th - Returning to normal

And that's Mimi, not the comic. I'm trying to get back on track with the comic, but between work and boyfriend I just have very little energy. But I do realize, that I owe You some pages, so...

In other news, at least the humor is back in the comic. I know, I've been covering some pretty lofty subjects (the nature of evil'n all), but now that we've gotten that out of the way, the smiles will return.

I've also gone back on my past complaints about Livejournal and made an account there. If You go to my little corner there, You'll find my honest opinion about it. BUT I also realize, that it's easier for me to write my rants there instead of making a seperate page here on Human Remains. So, it's still like standing on a soapbox in a goth-club full of angsty teenagers, but atleast my voice is loud enough for people outside the club to hear me. Nice little metaphor, don't You think?





















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